Message from Roshi Vimala

Blessings my Dharma Sisters and Brothers-

I hope this message finds you well as it serves two purposes.

Green Bay Zen Center’s Spring Weekend Retreat has been cancelled due to the virus quarantine in conjunction with our hosting center; St. Norbert Abbey. Individuals who sent a check or payment via PayPal should have been contacted and refunds issued or checks destroyed. Contact me if you have any questions.

Our Fall Weekend Retreat is scheduled for October 16-18, please put this on your calendar.

Secondly, we are continuing to hold to our regular sitting schedule at 123 N. Oakland in Green Bay.

Thursday @ 6:00 PM
Sunday @ 8:00 AM

We have made accommodations to comply with the Governor’s recommendations and we are making every effort to keep the zendo clean and disinfected daily. Detailed information outlining our accomodations can be found on Green Bay Zen Center’s website.

If you prefer to join us remotely, these sessions are live streamed via our Facebook page

My hope is that you and yours are all well and learning in this most interesting time.

Roshi Vimala Muni, John Nemick
Green Bay Zen Center Founder
(920) 562-9727

PS. Also; below an email from the Hollow Bones Zen, Executive Director.

With the growing challenges we’re facing collectively, it’s vital to Remember and Choose.

Remember: Your practice. Take time to sit daily. Return to silence.

  • “Concentration practice lets you see the self-perpetuation game; the mythology of a sense of self….There is nothing to get!”  – Jun Po Roshi

Choose: To be with sangha. We are never alone.

  • “I love a circle. We can now see each other in our practice…Even with our eyes down, we are aware of other people supporting us in our practice.” – Jun Po Roshi

Hollow Bones Zen welcomes you to participate in the Virtual Zendo.

Beginning Wednesday, March 25th, we will offer three practice periods weekdays online.  

You do not have to sign up. Simply show up prepared for zazen. We’ll check in.

Your host will guide you.

  • “As you sit, everything opens up and gets bigger.”  – Jun Po Roshi

Simply show up by clicking this link for the Virtual Zendo.

See you on your cushion soon!

Ekai Joel Kreisberg
Executive Director
Hollow Bones Zen

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