I Now Confess and Purify

“All of the deluded behavior ever manifested by me because of my beginningless greed, anger and ignorance, born of my body, speech and mind, Through meditation and action I now confess and purify.” (Purification, Hollow Bones Sutra Book p.2) For countless eons we have been influenced and motivated by our greed, hatred, and delusion. Therefore,Continue reading “I Now Confess and Purify”

Green Tara Sangha est. 1994

Established in 1994, the Green Tara Sangha offers both the beginning and experienced student an opportunity for Zen practice, Buddhist study and fellowship with others interested in the practice of Dhyana meditation. The Sangha is sanctioned by Roshi Junpo Kando Denis Kelly, former Vice Abbot at Dai Bosatsu Monastery in New York. Junpo is DharmaContinue reading “Green Tara Sangha est. 1994”