Through The Eyes of On Ji (V)

So now you know that Zen just seemed like not enough to me at the start of my journey. I could not understand how something as simple as focusing on the breath would be helpful. The simple task of focusing on the breath doesn’t seem so simple when we are bombarded by all of ourContinue reading “Through The Eyes of On Ji (V)”

Through The Eyes of On Ji (IV)

In the beginning of my newfound meditation practice, it was very useful and liberating to use the contemplative meditations in my book. Quite frankly, they saved my life. However, as weeks went by I wondered if maybe there were others practicing the same meditations as me. I felt the need to be a part ofContinue reading “Through The Eyes of On Ji (IV)”

Through The Eyes of On Ji (III)

Let’s explore happiness. Since my last two blog entries have been written, it has come to my attention that perhaps happiness ought to be addressed. Happiness, it is elusive, isn’t it? It seems to me that happiness is this place that we want to get to. And we aren’t there right now? And when weContinue reading “Through The Eyes of On Ji (III)”

Through The Eyes of On Ji (II)

I know what you are thinking… “What rhymes with Vimala?” Well, I haven’t found the answer to that question. But, I will tell you who he is. He is my teacher at the meditation center. He certainly has not taught me within the last several years that there is a quick fix for anything. So,Continue reading “Through The Eyes of On Ji (II)”

Through The Eyes of On Ji (I)

First and foremost, help pronouncing my Dharma name. It rhymes with philosophy. Fuh laa suh fee, On Gee. You got it! Let’s start at the beginning…. Spring of 2016. Ok, not the beginning per say, but the beginning of my recognized Dharma journey. Looking for a quick fix to a complicated anxious and depressed stateContinue reading “Through The Eyes of On Ji (I)”

“Impermanence” ~Zezan Tam

“Everything changes; Summer gives way to Winter. Nothing ever lasts.” ~Zezan Tam

“Wild Geese” ~Zenrin-kushū

“The wild geese do not intend to cast their reflection. The water has no mind to retain their image.” ~Zenrin-kushū

Throughout the Ten Directions

“Throughout the ten directions and the three times… “ (Dedication, Hollow Bones Sutra Book p.7) The ten directions are the eight directions of the compass—north, south, east, west, northwest, northeast, southeast, and southwest—plus up and down. Hence, the entire universe… all physical space. Buddhist texts refer to the existence of Buddha lands in all directionsContinue reading “Throughout the Ten Directions”

Spiritual Life and Practice is Empty

“We must remember that even spiritual life and practice are fundamentally empty.” (Great Wisdom Heart Sutra, Hollow Bones Sutra Book p. 5-6) If we pay attention to the Heart Sutra one may say it’s ridiculous, crazy, nuts or doesn’t make any sense. That may be closer to accurate than one might think. Wisdom one couldContinue reading “Spiritual Life and Practice is Empty”

Buddha, Dharma, Sangha

I take refuge in the absolute purity of this Awakened Mind! (Buddha) I take refuge in this practice of pure selfless awareness, wisdom, compassion and skillful means! (Dharma) I take refuge in this awakening community and our realization in the truth of the interconnection, interpenetration and interdependency of all sentient and insentient beings everywhere! (Sangha)Continue reading “Buddha, Dharma, Sangha”