Hollow Bones Order

A Hollow Bone – A Channel For The Spirit

Hollow Bones is pure Zen understanding, practice and insight. Hollow Bones is Zen taken out of its oriental cultural context, stripped bare and when investigated becomes not a faith-based religion, but a non-sectarian, pragmatic philosophy, a technology leading to true spiritual insight and freedom.

Hollow Bones is not gender specific. We have begun within a men’s organization and now offer this to women. In true Zen we are standing deeper than gender. Men and women face the identical truth – awakening is not a matter of male or female. The practice, training and realization is the same for both men and women. It is a view and practice that is profoundly deep and spiritual, and at the same time, most practical and ordinary.

As the Zen saying goes, “Before awakening – chopping wood and carrying water, after awakening – chopping wood and carrying water.”

The Hollow Bones Retreat, now called Mondo Zen Retreat, is a modern American Zen meditation retreat. Its root and form are adopted from the Japanese Samurai Rinzai Zen Tradition. The language used is English, and all of the practices are articulated and clearly understood. The direct and demanding style of Rinzai Zen is a perfect match for the energy and style of the New Warrior Brothers.

In this school of Zen, it is essential that you awaken now, and there is a fierce insistence that you do. Meditating, sitting quietly is not enough. You must awaken! You must become free! You must answer the question, “Who are you” from the depth of realization, not speculation.