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Seisho, Kaidan Whitehouse

Seisho, Kaidan Whitehouse has been learning about Buddhism and meditating for years. He began sitting with the Green Bay Zen Center in December of 2019 and has found great mindfulness sitting and interacting with the group.

Kaidan grew up in a non-religious household. His grandmother came from Japan, and practiced a variety of religions: Shintoism, Buddhism, and Christianity. From the Japanese background, this brought him interest towards Buddhism and Zen. During his younger years, Kaidan was in the Boy Scouts eventually earning his Eagle Scout rank. All of the time spent outside brought him simple appreciation for nature; the wind flowing through, or the gentle flowing of water.

Kaidan earned a BS degree from Marian University in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis in Art and Education. His art consists of pen and ink work with also many experimentations in other mediums. His artistic philosophy has intertwined with Zen philosophy; it is the process that is the most important, rather than the result. It is through the journey of the process that we learn who we are.

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