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Buddha, Dharma, Sangha

I take refuge in the absolute purity of this Awakened Mind! (Buddha) I take refuge in this practice of pure selfless awareness, wisdom, compassion and skillful means! (Dharma) I take

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Atta Dipa | Pure Awareness

Atta = Self Dipa = Light (You are this light) pure selfless awareness. Rely upon selfless awareness. Do not rely upon concepts of self and other that appear. Do not

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“What is Most Essential” ~Jun Po

“What is most essential is the practice of Dhyana, meditative mindfulness, which enables us to experience the Absolute Purity of our deepest nature and to hold that transpersonal truth in

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The Gate of Oneness is Open

The gate of the oneness of cause and effect is open. (Song of Zazen, Hollow Bones Sutra Book p.39-40) The Buddha identified three kinds of suffering: the dukkha of physical

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“Shikantaza” ~Barry Magid

“Just sitting means just that. That “just” endlessly goes against the grain of our need to fix, transform, and improve ourselves. The paradox of our practice is that the most

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